We Are Actively Recruiting!

For us, recruiting is a constant and ongoing process. We look for the most talented people in our field of business from Graduates to Experienced consultants who want to grow with us. Are you one of us?

  • Do you work well within a diverse team?
  • Are you motivated by high rewards in return for hard work?
  • Would you describe yourself as dynamic?
  • Do you have a college or university education?
  • Do you have strong communication skills in both English and a European language?

If you have answered yes to all the above questions – congratulations! You are now qualified to apply for a job at any of the companies in PDSVISION.

Culture at PDSVISION

PDSVISION is proud of its diverse team who reflect not only the various cultures within Europe, but from around the globe. Many companies claim to be a family, but at PDSVISION we believe this to be true. Our team are considered to be the best within our sector. From sales to service – Training to implementation, we always strive to bring our vast knowledge and experience in a down to earth, and customer focused manner.

We encourage our team to improve and learn, and in return offer a career path without limitations or glass ceilings, nor do we restrict our team to a territory. One day you may be helping a colleague from our Swedish team, the next day you may be doing the same for the UK.

But it is not all work! As well as each division having modern offices and up to date technology, each have their own active social scenes and special events. From guest speakers, day trips at Vineyards to table tennis competitions – PDSVISION ensures its family have fun as a reward for our commitment.

What We Look For In Our Team

Our customers do not follow software vendors. They follow great people and we have them!

  • Professional
  • Committed
  • High Energy
  • Ability to self engage
  • Generous
  • Approachable
  • Helpful

Meet Our People

“The team within PDSVISION are reliable and dedicated in providing you with the support you need. Across the globe, we are lucky to have colleagues there for you. I like the fact the company entrusts you with a high-level of self-responsibility. Not just in providing excellent service to our customers, but also towards our own personal development and well-being.”
Jovica Jovelic, Technical Support

“The best things about working at PDSVISION? For me, first and foremost the constant desire within the company to grow, and not stand still. I like the fact that though we all strive to be consistently better and are growing rapidly, we still are able to hold on to the humble values that are the foundations of the company”
Douglas Pagoldh, Sales

“We strive to improve ourselves every day in order to provide the level of service our customers need. To succeed, PDSVISION encourages and creates a positive culture within its family. We are self-motivated to set, and maintain high standards. I really appreciate the vast range of resources and state-of-the-art technologies available to me, ensuring I have what all I need to keep pushing forward.”
Xinran Hu, PLM Consultant

Available Jobs