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Press Release - PDS Vision Group signs contract with ANSYS and renames its CAE business

Starting from October 2018, Science Software Nordic AB will operate under the new brand name of PDSVision CAE AB. The business also expands its offerings, with the complete ANSYS product portfolio. PDS Vision Group signed the agreement with ANSYS in the beginning of 2018, and are now expanding these offers for the Swedish market, through its PDSVision CAE division.

Science Software has been part of the PDSVision Group since the start in 2008, offering simulation and calculations solutions. PDSVision CAE AB is, and will remain as an independent company of the PDS Vision Group. Since this is merely a formal change of name, the business format and all other information remain unchanged. In particular, this applies to the commercial register number, bank details, turnover, tax ID number, general terms of conditions as well as terms and conditions of sale and delivery.

PDSVision CAE, a new ANSYS partner

“PDS Vision Group are extremely excited to partner with the market leader in CAE – ANSYS”, says Johan Klingvall, PDS Vision Group CEO

PDS Vision Group have for some time been involved in a range of different CAE solutions, but with ANSYS the group is able to expand and offer a complete solution set featuring best-in-class simulation tools.

“The need for Simulation Software is growing rapidly as more engineers analyse their products for real-world conditions, whilst they design. The trend is obvious, digital simulation occurs as part of the daily design process – an area where ANSYS is the leader. This will in the end mean more benefits to our customers by providing better quality, reduced physical prototyping, saving time as well as costs”, says Anders Brodin, Sales Manager, PDSVision CAE.

“The timing was right also for ANSYS to sign PDS Vision Group as a new partner. With our expanded offerings within the engineering space as well as the need to reach into the Swedish market, PDS Vision Group and ANSYS present an exciting opportunity to provide more partner driven business”, says Tomas Cedermark, Channel Partner Development Manager – Nordics at ANSYS

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Press Release – PDS Vision Group signs contract with ANSYS and renames its CAE business (English) Press Release – PDSVISION Group skapar PDSVision CAE med fokus på ANSYS och Mathcad (Swedish)