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PDSVISION Group announces change in leadership and senior directors

1 July 2020

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – Johan Klingvall to become Chief Operating Officer (COO): Otto Wetterlin to become Chief Executive Officer (CEO) appointed for PDSVISION Group; Aleksander Patz appointed Managing Director (MD), PDSVISION Sweden.


PDSVISION today announces a change in the groups senior management structure as it continues to expand into a global provider of Digital Solutions and Services, following its acquisition by CapMan Management Buyout Fund. Johan Klingvall will today become the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) at PDSVISION Group, moving from his successful role as CEO at PDSVISION Group, a role he has held since the groups inception to its current position as a global organization.

In addition Otto Wetterlin will today take up the position Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for PDSVISION Group, stepping up after a successful period of overseeing PDSVISION Sweden as Managing Director.

Furthermore Aleksander Patz will now follow Otto to become Managing Director (MD) for PDSVISION Sweden, moving from his respected and successful position as Sales Manager for PDSVISION Sweden.

These leadership appointments are effective immediately and follow the decision to restructure the group at all levels to ensure PDSVISION’s global expansion continues with solid and experienced leadership on all levels.

“These are exciting and positive times for the PDSVISION Group, and not only am I delighted to take on the challenge of becoming the Chief Operating Officer, I´m pleased and reassured that we are ensuring continuity, whilst retaining experience by handing over leadership to Otto Wetterlin. Otto will continue to drive the groups Global ambitions moving forward, whilst retaining our core values as a business”, says Johan Klingvall, Chief Operating Officer (COO), PDSVISION Group.

“I am delighted to take on the challenge of continuing the achievements of my predecessor Johan Klingvall, and to be at the forefront of our global expansion as a key player in the field of Digital Transformation Solutions and Services. I will focus on ensuring that PDSVISION continues to offer world class end to end software solutions and services. Via a sensible and profitable high growth plan, PDSVISION has become a global software solution provider and I want to ensure that continues.

I also want to continue to develop even further our winning culture, that when combined with our world class solutions, has made us the preferred choice for the best talent, for global customers like JBT as well as for business partners, like CapMan. I look forward to working in partnership with all the divisions from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA to ensure our global vision is supported and achieved”, says Otto Wetterlin, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), PDSVISION Group.

“I am very grateful and proud to have been asked to lead PDSVISION AB in the next phase on its continued growth journey. My conviction is that we have a fantastic team in place, we represent the leading software solutions available in the market today and this in combination means we have a fantastic opportunity to realize our aggressive future plan together with our new principal owners”, saysAleksander Patz, Managing Director (MD), PDSVISION AB.

For more information:

Joel Köld: CIMO – PDSVISION Group. Tel +46 766 365 501


PDSVISION is a global provider of solutions and services focused on helping companies successfully enable their Digital Transformation Journey specialized in 3D Design (CAD), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Product Data Management (PDM), Simulation Modelling (CAE), Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR) and Aftermarket Solutions.

PDSVISION is considered the leading and trusted advisor within the product development sectors. We achieve this by combining best-in-class software solutions, technical support and professional training, with divisions located across the globe. Our solutions are mainly based around the PTC portfolio of products and services including PTC Creo, PTC Windchill, Arbortext and Thingworx – as well as ANSYS CAE simulations solutions. We also develop our own range of software applications to add extra functionality to further enhance utilization for our main solutions.

PDSVISION Group is comprised of several independent companies, based globally. The parent group, as well as its individual divisions and subsidiaries are accredited with both global and local credit awards, ensuring a sound financial footing for all commercial relationships and dealings.

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