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PDSVISION accelerates digitization in the manufacturing industry with the launch of myPDS

11th of April 2022

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – PDSVISION is happy to announce the launch of myPDS. With today’s brand and product launch, the software application of the PDSVISION Group will be combined under the common brand myPDS. With this, PDSVISION brings a unique app portfolio for the manufacturing industry to the market.

Mattias Lusth

“Over the years PDSVISION has taken part in a large number of CAD, PLM and IoT projects. From these projects we have learned that despite the width and depth of the supplier’s portfolio there are often gaps between what the software offers and what is actually needed. It can be challenges in information consumption, quality control or simply productivity tools. We developed myPDS to bridge these gaps”

Said Mattias Lusth, CTO, PDSVISION Group.

Through recent aquisations in the UK, Germany, and USA, PDSVISION Group has additional new software and service products that add great value to users of CAD, PLM or AR applications from PTC. These can be challenges in information consumption, quality control or simply the need for productivity tools. With myPDS Apps, many of these gaps can be bridged. The stated goal of myPDS Apps is to accelerate digitization in the manufacturing industry.

The new myPDS portfolio consists of 9 powerful apps. The myPDS Power Pack, for example, includes a startup environment for the CAD software PTC Creo as well as a number of productivity, migration and automation tools. With myPDS Search, users can easily search data, compile and export information from the PLM system PTC Windchill.

All myPDS applications are available for the most popular versions of PTC software solutions in various scenarios. Worldwide support ensures smooth deployment. The myPDS app portfolio is constantly being further developed and is fueled on the experience gained from countless implementation projects. In the future, customers can look forward to further products on hosting and cloud services as well as on out-of-the-box PLM implementation templates.

All myPDS apps at a glance:

The myPDS apps stand for:

  • Simplifies use of CAD and PLM
  • Secures quality at the point of entry or release
  • Speeds up processes and implementations
  • Solves hard integrations and other tasks in a simple way
  • Integrate with other business applications (ERP, MES, …)

For more information:

Joel Köld | Chief Information and Marketing Officer
Phone: +46 8 – 410 957 51
E-mail: [email protected]


PDSVISION Group (PDSVISION), was founded in 2008 and is a global provider of solutions and services focused on helping companies successfully enable their Digital Transformation Journey from product development to aftermarket services.

PDSVISION is considered the leading and trusted advisor within the product development sectors. This is achieved by combining best-in-class software solutions, technical support and professional training, with divisions located across the globe. PDSVSION’s solutions are centered around the portfolio of products provided by PTC Inc. and Ansys Inc. These are focused towards the areas of 3D Design (CAD), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Service Lifecycle Management (SLM), Internet of things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR) and Simulation (CAE). PDSVISION develop their own range of software applications to add extra capabilities to further enhance utilization for the main solutions it offers.

The group is projecting sales in 2022 of ca €100 million, is headquartered in Sweden and has operations in Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, United Kingdom, South Africa and the USA.

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PDSVISION has during many years offered our own applications in the name “PDSVISION Applications”. With the recent aquisations, PDSVISION extends the portfolio of developed applications. The existing apps together with the new apps is now myPDS.

Product Name

Legacy Product Name
myPDS AR VadaPDSVISION Finity Vada
myPDS AR JourneyPDSVISION Finity Journey
myPDS ClassificationPDSVISION Classification
myPDS ConfiguratorPDSVISION Configurator
myPDS ConnectorERP Connector
myPDS MigratorMigrator
myPDS Power PackNET Power Pack for Creo
myPDS Publish AutodocAutodoc
myPDS Publish DWG WorkerPDSVISION DWG Worker
myPDS Publish Office WorkerPDSVISION Office Worker
myPDS Publish Rendering AutomationPDSVISION Finity Automation
myPDS Publish TransFBXPDSVISION Finity TransFBX
myPDS SearchPDSVISION Search

Read more about each applications – myPDS