Global and Local

We are a global company but act as a local partner.

We Understand Your Business

We understand our customers and their challenges with our combined experience of 800 years.

Over 1000 Customers Can´t be Wrong

From small to global companies. From Sweden to China. From idea to spare part.

PDSApplications Enhance Your Investment

We enable product and process usability featuring our own PDSApplications.

We Offer

We offer a complete solution portfolio and we mean excellent sales, service, training, support and software.

Great People is Key to Success

Our employees are the key to our success and our greatest asset. It is with professionalism, commitment and dedication we serve and create long-term value for our customers.

We help product developing companies take control of the digital transformation.

PDS Vision Group is an IT provider of solutions and services directed mainly towards research and development challenges. We have offices in Europe and in USA but support our global customers worldwide.

PDS Vision Group started 2008 and now employs more than 110 professionals in Sweden, Germany, Norway, Finland, Denmark, United Kingdom and the USA. PDS Vision Group is a leading reseller of product development solutions in the area of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Computer Aided Design (CAD), Technical documentation and other solutions.

PDS Vision Group creates added value for our customers based on industry best practices, and is seen as a trusted advisor, providing real value proposition makers with strong customer engagement.

Within PDS Vision Group there are several companies. Each company is an independent entity with its own financials. Most of our companies are named PDSVision, which also is our brand.

PDS Vision Group and its companies, have a strong financial situation with multiple top credit awards, both as a group and as individual companies.