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    PDSFORUM – time well invested

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PDSFORUM – time well invested

PDSFORUM – time well invested “4.5 out of 5 in the score for our workshops” Participant survey “The most important and also the best event of the year if you work with PLM” Participant PDSFORUM2019 In the majority of situations we face, we should consider if time and money are invested wisely. So when it […]

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Why Development Teams Need Collaboration

An internet search on the “effects of bad/broken communication/collaboration” will generate a good number of hits. They will all point to the same things; lost production, insecurities, eroded relationships and frustration. These are things that are bad within both private and professional settings. And since I’m not a marriage counsellor by any means, the focus […]

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Validation Early and Often

This is not a blog post about which tool can deal with a certain situation or what tool you will be able to acquire for the lowest price. Instead this is a post that relates to the need of evolving our methods of working. Already here, you might start to sense a little bit of […]

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