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    Creo combined with ANSYS Mechanical – Your Competitive Advantage In Product Design

Blogposts Written By Mikko Hinkkanen





Whats new in PTC Creo 7.0?

Here in Finland, Spring returns and brings new sprouts from the ground, leaves to trees and endless sunshine to the north, and of course a new version of Creo Parametric, Creo Parametric 7.0. When going through all of what’s new in PTC Creo Parametric 7.0 I realised it would be too much for a single […]

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Ansys – More Than Just Simulation

We at PDSVISION have supplied solutions around Ansys portfolio of products for some years, especially Ansys AIM and Ansys Discovery Live. I am proud to say we have become a trusted partner, with a sound understanding of the products and the benefits they bring to our customers. Simply, Ansys provide technology that enables you to […]

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Saving Heat Treatment Steps Means Saving Costs

Many of our customers ask me if we can help them to cut manufacturing costs. The short answer is yes! We have a great example with two of our customers who are using our casting simulation software, MAGMASoft and have decreased their manufacturing costs. MAGMASoft enables the analysis of casting product manufacturing and the prediction […]

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Great features in Creo Simulate

Some hints on existing functionality that one might not be so familiar with and some features from Creo Simulate 4.0. tab. Connections Creo Simulate has tree default connectivities between component. You may choose between Free, Bonded and Contact for default rule for all interfaces and then define those which defer using Interface functionality.  When models […]

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