Ansys – More Than Just Simulation



Ansys – More Than Just Simulation

Ansys We at PDSVISION have supplied solutions around Ansys portfolio of products for some years, especially Ansys AIM and Ansys Discovery Live. I am proud to say we have become a trusted partner, with a sound understanding of the products and the benefits they bring to our customers.

Simply, Ansys provide technology that enables you to predict, with accuracy, how your products will stand up to the rigours of a global and competitive market. At the heart of these innovative solutions, is the need for accessibility.  As more users need to embrace Simulation to meet standards and demands, the need for the solution itself to allow users to be in command of the learning curves, cannot be overlooked.

They provide the optimized Simulated results needed, cost effectively and without losing all those gains by requiring lots of training.  At the center of our own offerings are two core products - Ansys Discovery & Ansys AIM.

I am going to briefly take the opportunity to highlight why I believe them both to be ideal tools to utilize as you begin, or increase, the use of Simulation within your own organization.

Ansys Discovery Live

Simulation for every engineer is the mantra behind Ansys Discovery Live. It represents big shift towards true democratization of digital simulation. Its guided workflows and simplistic instructions make it easily accessible to all levels of user experience.

It comes equipped with many applications considered as essential - Structural, thermal, fluid flow, electromagnetic's, electric conduction as well as Multiphysics.

It is also interactive, you can easily test a range of design ideas and you receive immediate insights into the structural performance the designs. This provides invaluable information, thus  providing essential insights into trends, but now also combined with near-instant solving and visualization capabilities

Packaged together with a Ansys own global reputation for producing proven, accurate and a robust technologies have made discovery a must have “Single Tool” for any Simulation focused designers and or engineers.

Ansys Discovery Live PDF Brochure

Ansys AIM

Ansys AIM

The ability to make informed decisions on firm results is a basic objective of any Simulation based application.  But that is just the start.

It also needs to deliver these accurate Simulations, whilst also assisting the increasing product development demands of any competitive organization. All of this, at the same time as keeping costs to a minimum.

Ansys AIM is capable of providing this in abundance, with the added benefit of being, again fully accessible to a range of skills and experience levels. Because Discovery AIM includes fluids, structures, thermal and electromagnetics simulation capabilities, engineers only need to learn one tool, reducing training time and costs.

It can improve product design, and reduce product development costs by utilizing a simplistic approach with accurate optimized results via one handy simulation tool.

AIM is perfectly suited to deploy as a simulation solution throughout your organization. You can customize it with ease to comply with a variable range of bespoke and Industry standards for simulation, and create simulation templates configured around your organizations unique requirements.

Ansys Aim PDF Brochure

Ansys - Consultation, Support & Training

Ansys Support I have focused on the ease of use, and the lack of learning curve required, all combined with a one tool solution as being big factors in Ansys suitability for all types of user. But at some time we all need some support, direction or advanced guidance.

That is where we at PDSVISION provides a valuable and established service. Our experience of implementation provides users with a range of professional consultation services, partnered by certified training and backed up with Certified & Global Technical support.

From simple user interface guidance, to guidance of organizational wide implementations – PDSVISION together with Ansys can provide more than just Simulation for Every Engineer.

Our training and consultation is available on site and Online, with an ever growing wealth of courses and resources available.

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The combination of the above is for why Ansys solutions, together with our expert support, are perfect for an increasing range of simulation users – beyond analysis department gurus. If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us here! 

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