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    The Handyman and The Gentleman – AR #1 – Getting Work Done



The Handyman and The Gentleman – AR #1 – Getting Work Done

Imagine you’re a Field Technician, sent out to a customer to perform scheduled customer maintenance. Normally this would be your colleague attending, but your covering their jobs today.

But when you arrive on site, there is a problem. You specialise in one type of engine model and though you know your way around engines in general, this customer has an unfamiliar version. The problem is simple, but you are not sure how to approach it.

A common issue for many – Engineers, Safety Inspectors and Field Service Technicians.

At this stage you could call your colleague and ask them to talk you through the process, not ideal and not guaranteed to work , or you could apologise and arrange for a return visit, which leads to understandable customer frustration and possible cancellation of contract.

But what if you could simply download an Augmented Reality application on your phone that allows your colleague to empower you with his knowledge, as you actually fix the problem – in real time?

The recent changes to travel, social distancing and home working have had a major impact on both working and home life for us all. From going out to buy food, to allowing tradesman into your home – The rules have changed for us all, and we have all had to adapt and adopt.

One area that has had a noticeable impact on us all, is the inability for services and organisations to deliver their actual service into customer environments. Global organisations can no longer just send out the experts to solve an onsite problem, and the smaller enterprise or even self-employed tradesman have had to find new solutions to overcome restrictions to onsite tasks.

For any business, a team member calling in sick creates issues at any time. But at this time, and for the foreseeable future the impact on those providing an onsite specialist service has caused a serious rethink and change in the way they can deliver their service.

One solution is of course multi-skillling a team to be able to adopt and be flexible to meet a clients needs. But this is time consuming, costly and not always will these new skills be utilised – justifiable on health and safety, but for most not sustainable for routine services.

But by utilising applications such as PTC Vuforia Chalk, organisations of all sizes can be flexible to meet the short term needs of current restrictions, and save time and money in the long term. For all organisation of any size this also needs to be achievable without cutting corners and compromising safety – Vuforia does not compromise on these values. In fact, by removing the need to send a team member out on site, the positive impacts on health and safety for many remote based industries are clear.

The ability for your colleague to use Vuforia to talk you through what they can see, and in turn show you what you need to look for, change and manage by simple annotations, allows successful completion whilst also saving time and costs – all on the job.

These positive benefits can be noticed immediately, and will continue to benefit well beyond any temporary disruptions that facilitated their adoption.

Where onsite training would be more beneficial, the ability to empower numerous individuals remotely has great impact on the need and the costs associated to both travel and accommodation. Less down time to ‘stop and show’ as the ability to ‘work and empower’ reduces the need to pause.

Your colleague can train you whilst he is not far away, a safety expert can talk an engineer through a safety check whilst on the other side of the world ensuring expertise can be delivered globally and directly to customers. This enables you to continue to meet the needs of your customers and ensure their loyalty to you and the future of the mutual relationship.

Vuforia Chalk can help you achieve this, without the need to train teams or adopt large systems. This not only reduces costs and time, but also helps in the practical adoption as users of course come from different backgrounds and user abilities. Warehouse workers, medical response teams, gas engineers – all have different levels of technical abilities and expectations and Vuforia Chalk is simple yet beneficial enough to assist all equally.

It is one thing to have the technology, it is another to get teams to adapt and adopt. Adoption itself can be a scary concept as ‘what you know’ is replaced with a new way. Vuforia is simple enough to use, that all can feel equally confident in their own abilities to adapt to using it. Confidence in the technology is key, and the noticeable benefits of using it, combined with its easy interface will have teams adopting it – and using it without resistance.

So regardless of whether you are an engineer, a field Technician or safety inspector – Vuforia Chalk enables you to maintain and continue to build a loyal customer base utilising state of the art customer service, delivered via simple and available technology.

To see how easy this really is, why not watch my latest video where my colleagues guide me in real-time on how to maintain water hygiene in a Spa Bath by cleaning the filter cartridge allowing the filtration system run sufficiently, something I am not an expert on -  whilst utilising Vuforia Chalk  – Click Here.

Alternatively why not contact us to see how we can help your business.



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