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    Bye Bye Oracle – Welcome SQL Server!



Bye Bye Oracle – Welcome SQL Server!

Sometimes you need to let go of the familiar.


Only a few years back Oracle was the favoured database. Now with the Microsoftianism of the server environment in KMU you mostly see MS SQL servers.

How does this effect you as a user of PTC® Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager

To keep the administration overhead small for 2 database systems and the back-up architecture a switch for your PTC® Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager data base to MSSQL might be necessary.


There’s no reason to migrate Oracle RDBMS to MSSQL when there is no express need.


To migrate your PTC® Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager from Oracle to MSSQL it’s first advisable to update to the current Unicode model. If your data base has first been installed before Version 14.50 or if it’s from a former Workmanager-Desktop-installation there’s a high chance it’s not in the Unicode character set.

Model Migration:

When migrating the data base all content will be mapped to the current model. Dates that are still in CHAR or VARCHAR fields will be converted to UTC, field contents are converted to the Unicode character set. OSM_VERSION_ID are filled (if necessary) or checked for plausibility. At the same time the data base is surveyed for an extensive consistency check.

• Conflicts (SysId Konflikte / Upper / Lowercase / seldom-used entries from Files and related Files) will be identified and recorded.

• Based on the results of the consistency check there’ll be corrective actions. The migration of the SQL server is now possible.

• Depending on the detected constellation the applications will be either more or less work-intensive. A simple migration from the current Oracle model to MSSQL can already be finished in 1-2 days. Migrations of older models or those that need a lot of corrections take longer accordingly.

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