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Why Development Teams Need Collaboration



Why Development Teams Need Collaboration

An internet search on the “effects of bad/broken communication/collaboration” will generate a good number of hits. They will all point to the same things; lost production, insecurities, eroded relationships and frustration.

These are things that are bad within both private and professional settings. And since I’m not a marriage counsellor by any means, the focus on this post will relate to the effect’s bad collaboration will have on product development and adjacent areas.

I have as of today, not met any R&D manager/director that does not want to improve their organisation and the outcome of it. I have not met anyone that does not consider collaboration being a factor for improving Research and Development (R&D). But I have met and will continue to meet those who do struggle with the collaboration aspects when it comes to driving efficiency and productivity.

The Challenge of Project Management

The world today has engineering teams who are based in different locations; it includes teams separated by various systems; groups separated due to different processes. These are factors that can further complicate collaboration and lead to issues with reduced efficiency, out of synch teams, as well as poor data sharing.

In the above example, we are only considering the internal team, but the more significant gains and benefits in “state of the art” product development are evident when you include suppliers, partners into your product development whilst at the same time making them first class citizens. But at the same time, it, of course, enhances the level of complexity when many companies have poor processes for sharing data, unsecured methods with a broader ecosystem….

My own personal take on this situation is that if you focus on the hurdles and you make them a reason for not advancing, you will be overrun by competition. Be assured that there are organisations out there interested in the same market and customers that you serve. They will try to turn the complexity associated with Project Management into a competitive advantage for themselves. When I managed an offering and a product team, I always tried to look at these things positively. I knew that they created challenges and hurdles for everyone, but if we could make use of systems, processes and methodologies in a smart way, we would be able to distance ourselves even further from our competition and gain new customers as well as market share.

I know, we are just scratching the surface. We need to consider security and securely manage the product data. But we need to start somewhere, and if we take the security aspect as an example, there are, of course, ways to manage that.

Web Based Project Collaboration for Product Development with PTC Windchill

I challenge you to analyse how improved collaboration would strengthen your product development and how it could allow you to bring higher quality products to the market faster pace and at a lower cost!

If you need any advice or inspiration as you begin your journey, then why not join my colleague Nils Persson for a free webinar on November 5th where he will show you how PDSVISION can run efficient projects in PLM (Windchill).

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