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    How a Design Engineer Can Adopt the Concept: “Measure Twice Cut Once”



How a Design Engineer Can Adopt the Concept: “Measure Twice Cut Once”

Validation: Measure twice cut once

Validation: Measure twice cut once

When we talk about simulation, we might not always use that word. Simulation is a means to an end and real time simulation in early design phases is also a means to an end.

You might hear us talk about validation and verification and not simulation. What we are using the simulation for is to validate our design.

But you could say that validation is also a means to an end, which is true. What we are trying to avoid when validating early in the design is in accuracies, mistakes, errors, discrepancies that CAN be found here rather than later in the lifecycle.

Reasons for identifying things might not be visible. But if you can determine characteristics that require some form of change earlier, you will have significant benefits when it comes to both costs of development and speed to market. Two significant aspects that have a direct correlation to both your organization's bottom and tope line.

If you have not already considered bringing simulation to your construction and design engineers, do a quick exercise and see if it would be worthwhile in your organization.

If you think the solution that is needed is complex and complicated, look again. This 25 min video will give your ideas and the means to get going:

Believe me, I have seen the consequences of not validating - early in the lifecycle and what it can lead to. And when the disruption in your organization is close to zero for adding this as a task and component, investing in exploring and analyzing the area comes with a low cost and potential significant gain?.

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