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LiveWorx 2020 From Physical to Virtual: My thoughts and Recommendations



LiveWorx 2020 From Physical to Virtual: My thoughts and Recommendations

LiveWorx is the flagship “virtual event” for the industrial enterprise –  Helping technologists innovate at scale with the real goal in mind:  transformation that helps drive outcomes.

As someone keen to explore the event and all it has to offer - not easy considering Liveworx 2020 is the largest and most diverse yet  - covering CAD, AR, IoT, PLM and more - thought it may benefit to hear what I intend to explore, and why.

So simply, to share my thoughts about LiveWorx 2020, and what to view from different angles depending on your own requirements. What I personally feel is worth investing your valuable time into.

But first, we cannot overlook that the world has turned around in a new direction, in just few months. Events have been cancelled, not just in the field of sports and entertainment but also in professional life. All walks of society in every corner of the globe became remote, yet still connected.

Thank goodness many of our passionate people at PDSVISION and PTC have put these things into the background whilst focusing on providing information via the digital medium of the internet.

The jewel in the crown of these rescheduled events is of course for me personally is LiveWorx - now completely transformed from a major live "hands on" event in Boston, USA - to an impressive looking global virtual event happening on June 9th, 2020.

All of us who have previously attended and participated in LiveWorx know that the event has usually involved a round trip of about a week in time to the USA. You hit the ground running followed by an exciting whirlwind of meeting and greeting people. Key talks, updates, dinner and drinks - As well as getting to know different solutions and customers within the PTC ecosystem itself.

When hearing of the intention to make this a Virtual event?  To replace all of that? My immediate thought was more focused to "how on earth are people going to be able to see all the relevant information from the vast offerings before us?"

This year, there is more than 130 live session, over 200 presenters and an even bigger selection of break out sections! Astonishing to conceive this is has been created in just a few weeks - Even for the talented specialists at PTC. Impressive is the least I can say.

The ease of access to information is fluid - It did not take long for me to narrow down my own selection of “Must see” elements to cover my own interests and those of the customers I advise and help on behalf of PDSVISION globally.

So, here my personal selection of "must see sessions" as PTC go from "Physical to Virtual" in 2020.

What to watch Generic content

Jim Heppelmann, President & CEO at PTC is a speaker who you always like to listen to.

This year he is talks about three key topics:

  • Hear a reflection on 10 years of disruption as CEO.
  • Hear the lessons learned from companies that thrived through disruption.
  • Understand the technologies and strategies to compete in the new normal.

CAD Specific content

Mark Hindsbo and Steve Elias from Ansys & Todd Kraft and Brian Thompson from PTC discuss the positioning and future road-map of ANSYS & PTC joint products.

Paul Sagar, Vice President of CAD Product Management at PTC discussing the future of Creo Parametric and people have the chance to place questions directly to PTC regarding future functionality of PTC CAD Segment.

PLM Specific content

Hardik Shah, a Software Technical Consultant at PTC talks about expanding PTC Windchill from a pure engineering tool of managing engineering bill of materials into a tool to support service and manufacturing requirements.

Stephan Timmerarens, a Unit Leader Business Process Management at C&A and Doerthe Palkus a Business Development Director at PTC are scheduled to discuss about how to utilize Windchill as the backbone within the retail industry.

Michael Prudhomme a Director of Global Quality, Risk & Reliability at PTC discuss how Windchill can be utilized as a risk and quality management platform. He will discuss three key topics:

  • Define & Predict – How we perform risk and reliability analysis to identify areas of concern in design or manufacturing.
  • Validate, Control & Monitor– Understand PTC's approach for use of Requirements and CTQ to create validation tests and generate control plans for manufacturing.
  • Compare and Improve – Compare predictive results versus actual results and prioritize and plan for future improvements through a CAPA process.
  • PLM Roadmap 2020: The Backbone for Digital Transformation [Event ID: PL1700R]

Mark Lobo, Vice President of PLM Product Management at PTC discuss the future and road-map of Windchill not just from today, but towards future releases.

This content gets my definite approval for all PLM Administrators.

IoT Specific content

Lukáš Kousal, Manager of Technical and SMART Maintenance in Press Shop and Jiří Parma, IT Smart Maintenance Project Manager at ŠKODA AUTO are talk about the initiative to implement successfully the Industrial IoT solution from PTC.

Augmented RealityAR Specific content

  • Vuforia AR Enterprise solution suite advancements [Event ID: AR1595R]

Marc Schuetz, the Vice President of Augmented Reality Product Management at PTC is discuss the wide range of PTC Vuforia products and what the solutions enable for the market.

Grace Fong, a Solution ROI Manager and Sam Murley, Digital Transformation Director from PTC discuss the key take away's of Augmented Reality case deliveries:

  • Learn about well-defined adoption frameworks help accelerate time to value.
  • Understand how winning the hearts and minds of front-line workers is critical.
  • Gain insight into how enterprise AR is adding significant value across both discrete and process manufacturing.

I think that is a varied selection of topics to indulge and individuals to here from whilst still retaining the ability to network and integrate with your peers, friends and even the odd healthy rival.

After-all, we are all trying to find solutions to the challenges with face universally in this Digital Age of Transformation, impacted by the arrival and need for remote collaboration.

I hope that provides toy with a starter – But of course you can also be assured that all the agenda will be available after the event on a range of catch up digital formats – That’s the beauty of Digital Virtual Events – You do not need to miss a thing, and no rushing around between seminars.

More time for coffee and networking. I like that idea!


As you will also not be required to spend time on travel arrangements, may i also take the chance to recommended a blog by my colleague Pontus Blomberg covering the AR solutions utilized to "Get things done remotely, in a world that almost changed overnight"

If you see me - Virtually of course, at LiveWorx do say hello.

It may be virtual, but we can still network like we used to... in the old days.

Best regards
Jani Vakkari
Head of Sales - PDSVISION Finland

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