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    Robocop or Luke Skywalker? – A day with the Vuforia Studios Hololens



Robocop or Luke Skywalker? – A day with the Vuforia Studios Hololens

Having recently joined the PDSVSION family, my learning curve has been varied and exciting. The team in Lund have been supporting me by ensuring I get some real hands on experience of the products and solutions we provide.

So yesterday I got to accompany one of PDSVISION’s leading technical consultants, Roger Thyrell, to see our partner PTC and to learn more about Augmented Reality (AR), how it works, and what it can offer companies today and in the future.

It was a real experience to see how, through Vuforia Studios Hololens, I myself can fix a wrong nut on a drill, by visualising how to solve the problem.

In addition to feeling like a mix of Robocop and Luke Skywalker, it was a unique opportunity to see why companies choose to invest in AR.

One of many reasons is that it is time-efficient! Why? because usually we understand concepts faster and better when we can visualise them instead of reading about it in an instruction book.

With this experience I am filled with new reflections and insights, and the motivation to know more than ever why, as PDSVISION so wisely puts it, you can "Take Control of Your Digital Transformation".

Would you like find out more about our AR solutions and services, and maybe to try it yourself? Then just click here for more.

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Karolina Hägg

Account Manager