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Summer intern at PDSVISION



Summer intern at PDSVISION


My name is Samppa, and I am a student at Tampere University studying Computing Sciences and this summer I’ve been working at PDSVISION here in Tampere, Finland. It is not my first summer working here, so luckily PDSVISION is already familiar to me. As a workplace, PDSVISION is perfect for a student like me to get some of that vital experience at the very beginning of my career in IT. My past summers working here have consisted of creating documentation, support videos, etc. Recently I have moved on to full-stack web development here at PDSVISION. That is one of the great things about working here; there is work for every experience level.

So, what exactly do I do here? In short, I help develop a full-stack web app which is applied at multiple client sites. The stack of this application is modern, using Node.js and React. From my point of view, the customer drives application development and PDSVISION is quick to respond to provide a solution that suits the customer. It has been a very teaching experience developing applications in an industry context since my experience has been limited to my home computer. Expressions such as ‘deploying’ and ‘DevOps’ have been foreign to me before, but now it’s a whole different story. There is just no way of getting this kind of experience from my own projects. Working here has also helped me understand my studies in a more practical way. One can read about software development to their heart’s content but applying that knowledge is an eye-opener.

As a workplace PDSVISION is great! The work environment is friendly and welcoming and none of the many questions I have had during my time here have gone unanswered. Trying to take your thoughts somewhere else during a busy day? Well, one can relax during a lunch break and play some table football!  I appreciate the opportunities PDSVISION has given me to boost my work experience and I am sure it is going to be useful in the future!

All the best,
Samppa Korpela