The Handyman and The Gentleman – AR #5 – Vuforia Expert Capture – Simple, Secure and Smart



The Handyman and The Gentleman – AR #5 – Vuforia Expert Capture – Simple, Secure and Smart

In this blog, the fifth in my series based around my Augmented Reality video series "The Handyman and The Gentleman", I will explore how AR and solutions such Vuforia Expert Capture can help such organizations overcome a range of established, and newer obstacles faced in the era of the “The New Normal”.

Established and consistent challenges such as the common need to reduce costs whilst decreasing production time, through to the more modern challenge around the fact - We all need to visually share and collaborate – often remotely and across differing Tim zones, yet we and our customers demand we do so easily. We also demand it without huge dedicated networks and adoption, and at the same time - keeping it all secure.

In my previous blogs I have said that solutions such as Vuforia Chalk have made AR simple to understand and simple to use. Here I will continue to show that Vuforia Expert Capture is just as simple, with its enhanced abilities to visualize, annotate and be spatially aware making it suitable to a range of organizations – large and small.

We have shown that Vuforia Expert Capture can help an Industrial production and service company overcome the need to protect expert knowledge, whilst it maintains the ability to transfer that valuable knowledge internally.

Simple Knowledge Transfer

The constant concerns of skills loss via retirement for example can be overcome with the capture and visualization of that knowledge in a format that can be replayed whilst on the job itself.

The experts themselves often need to be trained on how to pass on their knowledge. Using Vuforia Expert Capture as a solution requires no huge learning curves that may deter those from recording and visualization their knowledge from doing so.

The ability to use templates and visualize for on the job use removes the conflict of less detailed information Vs focus on the task. Hands free allows the user to absorb the information in detail whilst conducting the task. This also maintains the safety of the user within environments that pose some risk.

This ability to be a method of truly simple, knowledge transfer contributes to reducing costs and downtime. Its ability to provide onsite hands free knowledge transfer reduces the likelihood of re-schedules and or extra onsite visits, saving on personal costs, time and travel.

With travel restricted or unfeasible, the need to reduce unnecessary travel has helped push remote collaboration into practical adoption – made easier by the solutions being practical and adoptable to start with. The misconceptions of huge helmets and wires have given ground to the functional AR abilities of even a standard issue smart mobile device.

Accelerated Content Creation

Getting designs to market faster is a core goal of a production company. Vuforia Expert Captures ability to provide Accelerated Content Creation makes it a key component to driving down lead times and getting to market quicker.

Authoring with Vuforia Expert Capture requires no pre-existing assets or long term development requirements. Experts are able to adapt how and what they present depending on the scenario, without the need to stop and amend documents or still images causing disruption. Utilizing easy to use Pre-built templates empowers your teams to edit on site, and to go on and create their own AR content for the long term providing a reach seam of accessible knowledge long after those that provide it have moved on.

Detailed, Location-Aware Content allows the remote user to liaise with a remote expert and be assured standard localized requirements and needs are easy to configure. Vuforia Expert Capture provides simple Multi-step, multi-location procedures regardless of location and across a range of platform.

Intellectual Property and Security

Any modern cloud based solution provides benefits, but as mentioned - also delivers concerns on intellectual property and security. The Vuforia suite of solutions is delivered within a secure SaaS environment that provides end-to-end security, users can easily collaborate, edit and share their content without large learning, adoption challenges or complex security protocols.

Its security and safe collaboration ensure that companies can maintain their SLA’s, legal liabilities and obligations whilst at the same time not needing to restrict access to those that need it as its Access control and compliance features can ensures the right procedures available to the right people.

All these beneficial features of course fall short if only utilized via one pre-determined device.

That requires investment in hardware and infrastructure to support it. That in turn leads to more costs, not less. It also limits the customers’ ability to engage.

For any AR solution to be workable as an effective benefit to knowledge transfer, it has to be scalable and have the ability to be a Cross-Device Publisher. Vuforia Expert Capture has this built into its core with its integration across a range of devices, headsets to phones a standard.

The cross platform scaling also ensures the customer can be directly involved in the experience. You can delight your customers directly by providing an enhanced service via scalable AR. Presales, design consultation, aftersales…. All can utilize AR to make the customers own experience of interacting with the services or products you provide more engaging.

These and many other benefits I have yet to feature are to me the reason these solutions such as Vuforia Expert Capture are practical to utilize today – Simple on the fly knowledge transfer and scaling of domain expertise – That to me is AR!


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