The undoubted benefits of implementing a PDM system



The undoubted benefits of implementing a PDM system

For any product development company, the PDM System (Product Data Management) is an essential component as it journeys into digital transformation.

PDM System

It forms the foundations for all ongoing and future digital information projects, regardless of their size. Investing into a PDM system can create a great deal of value in itself.

Many organizations who operate within a highly competitive landscape, also face an additional and increasingly common challenge to overcome - Geographically dispersed design and manufacturing environments.

With the market climate that we currently have today, the consequences of using outdated versions of solutions that are designed for one challenge, but have since been converted to take on a range of others, can result in lost files or failing to properly incorporate engineering changes. These can cause very severe consequences to reputation as well as the end product.

As a provider of solutions to overcome these issues, we consider that a real aid for many organizations are solutions that help these organizations connect and communicate product information, across globally distributed teams. To connect, for example, environments where multiple CAD tools are used.

These solutions are those that can provide -

  • A central repository
  • version and revision tracking
  • automation of tasks

Product Data Management

Our research shows that organizations that adopt these three main points are then able to invest 25% more time into real engineering tasks, rather than into administration.

The development department can benefit from effectively managing product data by building a structure that allows traceability as well as cutting both time and cost with the added ability to re-use data.

These departments also find that there is less time required searching for files, recreating old data, updating different systems as well as answering requests from non-CAD users.

For any organization currently without a support system for Research and Development data or managing R&D data with solutions such as Microsoft Office – These benefits may not be available and the risk to loss of data therefore increases.

However, the misconception that a PDM System is too big a step for many organizations, and that the current set up is worth the risks - is exactly that – A misconception.

But the risks are real and the challenges will continue to come.

To see how implementing a PDM system (Product Data Management) brings many noticeable immediate and long-term benefits, I invite you to join us the 1st of September for a 30 min webinar. This webinar focuses on the undoubted benefits PDM provides and how it could be the first logical step in your organizations own digital transformation journey.

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I hope to see you there

Nils Persson