We Are Actively Recruiting!

For us, recruiting is a constant and on going process. We look for the most talented people in our field of business and also for young and able people, who want to grow with us.

Are you one of us?

  • Do you have good social skills and work well within a team?
  • Would you be motivated by a high reward in return for hard work?
  • Would you describe yourself as dynamic?
  • Do you have a college, university or post gymnasial education?
  • Do you have strong communication skills in both English and local language?

If you have answered yes on the above questions – congratulations! You are now qualified to apply for a job at any of the companies in PDS Vision Group.

Culture at PDS Vision

In a common analogy competing companies are compared to animals on the savannah. Some are simply pray, while others are the big eaters like lions. Lions will sometimes eat what the cheetahs have slain and once they are done hyenas and lastly vultures will have their pick.

PDS is an agile company and we want to be like the cheetahs. We will never be big, lazy and bully lions nor will we be hyenas or vultures. We will always stay ahead.

Who we are

Our customers do not follow software vendors. They follow great people and we have them.

  • Professional Committed
  • High Energy
  • Ability to self engage
  • Generous
  • Likeable
  • Helpful

Available Jobs