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Aftermarket and PLM – Two sides of the same coin

Aftermarket and PLM – Two sides of the same coin

Learn how product lifecycle management is connected with aftermarket (spare parts and wear parts sales).

Join PDSVISION PLM and aftermarket expert, Martin Toreskog as he continues his webinar series – guiding and showing you how your organization can generate value from aftermarket solutions.

The journey will now focus on the connection between PLM and in this case Signifikant, a trusted Aftermarket solution. As described by Martins in previous webinars, an installed PLM is by no means a must to gain value from the session and the examples provided by via Signifikant. Martin will demonstrate how to effectively orchestrate data, resources as well as processes to drive quality. He will guide you on how to generate speed through the development process and keep costs down.

He will continue by showing how that combines with the ability to create new revenue streams as well as stopping competing spare parts and ware parts vendors from eroding your brand value.

The webinar will also cover managing your product lifecycle with different departments that have different needs: engineering, manufacturing, and services for example. We will cover how this it is possible to still generate value to the organization as a whole and with the same foundation of data.

In the context of services and aftermarket solutions – we will cover how managing things based on transformed BOM’s creates great values. We will highlight how information can be re-used from the eBOM to the sBOM, how there is an association between the BOM’s which helps eliminate working on the wrong information and demonstrate that there are ways to automatically publish the sBOM to the aftermarket portal.

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Language: ENGLISH
Date: 3 Dec
Time: 10.00 am. CET
Duration: 45 min

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Event Archived

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