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Aftermarket Digital Transformation

Aftermarket Digital Transformation

As a manufacturing company, how should you benefit from the fact that Digitalization and aftermarket are two components that have proven to be important for organisations in  current times?

With studies showing that aftermarket (with support and services) are not affected to the same extent as new product sales can be in a global crisis, many organisations are now seeing it is the time to begin the conversation on how your organisation can benefit from Aftermarket as a concept.

There are several different ways forward a business can follow to benefit from Aftermarket, including:

  • Create new revenue streams
  • Higher margin on aftermarket sales
  • Brand protection

But which one is right for you?

In this webinar our expert and experienced team will highlight how we can assist you with making the right choice to suit your organisations unique challenges in implementing after sales functions. Utilising our direct experience of guiding many like minded organisations globally, we will guide you personally through the steps and the market trends we at PDSVISION envision for the future and what market trends surveys show.

What does it mean to use digitalization for aftermarket and what are the risks of sitting still in the boat and not doing anything at all? We will also tell you a little about how other companies have done in the past and what it has done for outcomes.

Who is  this webinar for?

This is aimed at those who want to gain a better understanding of digitalization and how it can be applied to aftermarket and help your company save administrative time and increase sales.

  • Those responsible for your organisations business aftermarket.
  • Organisations looking to increasing the sale of spare / wear parts

What are the benefits of attending?

  • Gain a better understanding of what digitalization of aftermarket means.
  • Gain a better understanding of E-commerce / E-commerce within industry.
  • Establish a base for following market trends within the industry.
  • See how other companies have digitalized the Aftermarket successfully.


Theodor Wall, PDSVISION, Business Manager
Theodor is responsible for PDSVISION Sweden’s aftermarket business (e-commerce, AR, IoT).

Roger Thyrell, PDSVISION, Customer Success Manager
Roger is PDSVISION Sweden’s Customer Success Manager –  dedicated on supporting our customers implement and adapt to new technologies.

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Event Archived

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