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Aftermarket -> A “first class citizen”

Aftermarket -> A “first class citizen”

PDSVISION presents two coherent webinars that can be viewed together, or individually as isolated components. At the same time as they are separate components there are in certain circumstances a clear connection between technical illustration and aftermarket services.

  • Technical Illustration -> Communicate complex information in a simple way
  • Aftermarket -> A “first class citizen” of the product lifecycle

Watch both to get a total overview or choose the webinar that suits your personal interests or sector – The choice is yours!

Aftermarket -> A “first class citizen” of the product life-cycle
We will demonstrate how to build information portals to sell spare parts on the web and / or distribute documentation internally and externally. We will show how to manually create directories and parts lists, import from Excel, Creo Illustrate or integrate with PLM systems. We will also explain how to import prices and availability, define rights and roles in order to control who has access to what information.

More information about our aftermarket solution Signifikant – Here

Join our webinar in Creo Illustrate 3th June at 10.00 am CET – More info

About Our Webinar

Hour: 11.00 am. CET
Language: Swedish
Duration: 60 min

At the end of each session we have a Question and Answer session with our technical team.

All webinars are of course free!


Please reach out to [email protected]


About Martin Toreskog

Martin Toreskog has worked with PDSVision for 15 years, gaining vast experience from CAD, PLM, technical documentation, technical illustration and spare parts portals.

Martin currently represents PDSVision as a project manager – focused on small and large projects, implementation consultation, and continuing as a mentor to others as a designated study leader.

Martin started his journey with PDSVision as a sales representative, progressing within the group to become responsible for establishing our education division – building it from the ground up and then becoming the CEO of one of our core subsidiaries.

Martin is passionate about technology, and has for a number of years focused on developing the aftermarket (SLM) side of our solutions. He has been responsible for developing processes, methodology and integrations. In parallel, he has delivered a number of large and successful projects in the field.

Martin has a deep expertise in our solutions combined with the ability to interpret customers’ needs. He considered by his peers to be able to deliver the message or solution, in an educational, approachable and humorous way.

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Webinar Signifikant (Swedish)

Webinar Signifikant (Swedish)

Technical Illustration / Aftermarket Webinar