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Aftermarket and Spare Parts Management – It is the link to Profitability!

Aftermarket and Spare Parts Management – It is the link to Profitability!

Get a an inside look at how you can build and maintain a successful aftermarket portal that can provide customers, re-sellers, service providers and internal staff with up-to-date spare part information, documentation, and more.

PDSVISION Technical Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) expert Martin Toreskog will personally guide you through the stages to get you started within the increasingly busy and important sector of Aftermarket.

He will demonstrate how Aftermarket has huge potential to impact the bottom line profits for any organisation large or small, whilst at the same time generating some results that allow full analyse – so you can continually refine and enhance your own strategy.

Martin will also show how the the up front investment cost in time and money do not need to be large, thus providing all you need to get started with your own aftermarket portal.


    • Aftermarket challenges
    • Purpose of a web based aftermarket portal
    • Introduction to Signifikant – A web based aftermarket portal
    • Demo and customer examples
    • Next steps
    • Questions

About the Webinar:

      • Date and time: Friday 8th Nov Oct 10.00 a.m. CET
      • Duration: 45 min
      • Location: Online
      • Language: English

About Signifikant – Aftermarket Portal

Signifikant increase spare parts sales by delivering a cost-effective aftermarket portal for parts and service.


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Event Archived

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