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AR Automation for Sales and Marketing with extension to Luxion KeyShot

AR Automation for Sales and Marketing with extension to Luxion KeyShot

Webinar | Tuesday November 10th|  09:00 CET | Language: English

AR Automation promises to transform the content delivery process – meeting the industrial needs of both cost and scalability!

But is your organization ready?

This webinar continues our series hosted by AR expert Pontus Blomberg with a focus on how Augmented Reality Automation drives relevant visualization needs for further ‘downstream’.

It also will provide an overview on how robust automation process’ are achieved by removing the many breaches and heavy manual tasks in the process, whilst preventing IP and innovation leakage.

You will also see how automation as part of the Visual Transformation journey enables a cost efficient means of making realistic, customizable and up-to-date digital reflections or physical products. All available without jeopardizing IP leakage, allowing sales and marketing functions to be more dynamic, with information based on relevant data.

What will you gain from attending?

While Augmented Reality offers benefits across the whole industrial value chain, AR Automation is the differentiation to meeting the industrial needs of cost and scalability. Here we will discuss how AR automation can:

  • Increase customer experience, retention & satisfaction
  • Improve purchase confidence, Boost sales effectiveness & shorten sales cycle
  • Lower vendor costs for product related content production and reducing time to market.
  • Provide a new and exciting new way to create immediate long-term loyalty with customers

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Presenter – Pontus Blomberg,

With close to 20 years of experience in the industrial AR/VR/3D space including successfully launching a range of solutions and related services within both CAD & Augmented Reality.