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    AR Automation – How will it change how customers experience your products?

AR Automation – How will it change how customers experience your products?

Webinar | Tuesday December 8th | 09:00 CET | Language: English

Are you providing interactive product related content, in a costly and time-consuming manner while at the same time struggling to keep the data accurate and up-to-date?

PDSVISION AR expert Pontus Blomberg continues his special webinar series with a focus on how Augmented Reality Automation and interactive product experiences create demand, accelerate sales, enrich ownership, and strengthen customer loyalty.

Many organizations need to improve the way they market and sell their products to their buyers. Customers expect to know how products operate, how they function or how they can be applied according to their specific requirements whilst embracing individualized and personalized data.

This webinar will show how AR Automation will allow for personalized interactive product experiences, which can overcome the challenge of:

  • Efficiently presenting complex products and variants to customers independent of time and place
  • Keeping interactive AR content up-to-date even though frequent product updates
  • Preventing IP and innovation leakage

What will you gain from attending?

During this webinar Pontus will show how your organization can utilize AR to

  • Improve your Brand recognition and engagement
  • Enhances customer confidence and understanding during the buying experience
  • Shorten the sales process leading to higher revenues and lower returns
  • Increase customer retention against competition

The webinar will also detail how you can produce an automated means of generating high quality and photo realistic product pictures, animations and interactive experiences.

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Presenter – Pontus Blomberg,

With close to 20 years of experience in the industrial AR/VR/3D space including successfully launching a range of solutions and related services within both CAD & Augmented Reality.