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AR – Meeting the Industrial Enterprise Needs in Service

AR – Meeting the Industrial Enterprise Needs in Service

Tuesday 8th Sep 2020 : 09:00 AM. (CET) : 30 minutes : English

Service organizations are under more pressure to improve performance whilst at the same time reducing their costs, increasing their service quality and boosting their service revenue – all at the same time as they are being challenged with the “Remote Everything” market conditions that we see today!

Augmented Reality Solutions are now increasingly common tools in helping organizations to overcome these challenges, and then go on to increase service revenue, improve customer satisfaction, increase worker safety and to reduce the organizations overall service costs.

But how can organizations adopt these solutions, and how practical is Augmented Reality today?


Join our AR expert Pontus Blomberg as he guides you through a process we call “The Visual Transformation Journey” in short, what could you do, what should you do, and in what order?

Pontus will demonstrate that using practical and adoptable AR solutions that readily available today allow for business benefits that promote impact, speed and scale. He will also highlight how these solutions will not force you into long development cycles before any business advantage is retrieved.

The webinar will also provide examples of how companies in Industrial Service are already utilizing Augmented Reality solutions to create and deliver compelling digital experiences so technicians, internally and externally, can do their jobs better, faster, and safer.

Who is this webinar for? 

Individuals and Organizations who work with Industrial Service Value Drivers such as:

  • Increasing Service Revenue
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction
  • Optimizing Worker Efficiency
  • Reducing Service Costs


Pontus Blomberg, With close to 20 years of experience in the industrial AR/VR/3D space including successfully launching a range of solutions and related services within both CAD & Augmented Reality


Roger Thyrell, Customer Success Manager, PDSVISION:
Roger provides over 20 years’ experience in the fields of product development within medical technology, defense, communications, and the automotive industry.


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