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Change Management in Windchill

Change Management in Windchill

This webinar will introduce you to the change management capabilities in PTC’s PLM tool Windchill as well as present some of the areas that may need particular focus.

Join our team as we provide a walk through of the OOTB solution within PTC Windchill, presenting to you the main building blocks and how they are used to accomplish successful changes.

What does it really mean to be successful and how do we define success when it comes to change management in the context of PLM? There are some challenges, some more obvious than others. But if understood, many of the problems can be converted to opportunities.

Who is it for? 

For those who want to improve in their change management solution. If you are looking for system support or looking at enhancing the current process, this webinar will both cover the primary capabilities in PTC Windchill and also raise a discussion on how to improve.

If you are interested in the comprehensive capabilities of change management in PTC Windchill, this is not for you. In this webinar, we try to cover the overall solution and the bigger question concerning change management. Other webinars will have a more narrow scoop of change management and will go into the details.

Why participate, what value will you gain

  • Understand the importance of well-balanced system support for change management.
  • Recognise the challenges and be able to act on them.
  • Trigger reflection on the current solution being used and how it could be improved.

PLM Presenter


Karl Wennerholm


Karl has gained over ten years of experience working within in the areas of CAD and PLM, in a variety of specialist roles.

Karl is always always trying to utilise his competence within CAD/PLM in order to bring value and understanding to the interactions between the organisation and supporting systems.

As a PLM Consultant at PDSVISION the aim is always to bring value to the customer by using  support systems smartly and effectively.


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Event Archived

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