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Digitize Aftermarket with EdiLog

Digitize Aftermarket with EdiLog

Online | Tuesday 24th | November 2020 | 09:00 (CET)

Digitization and aftermarket are two components that are important for businesses, in the reality we are part of now it has become even clearer.

Studies show that aftermarket with service and services are not affected to the same extent as, for example, new product sales do in times like these. New products are not purchased in the same volumes, but to a greater extent, businesses carry out service and upgrades on existing product holdings.

As a manufacturing business, how to take advantage of this? There are of course a number of different ways forward. What we at PDSVISION mainly work with activities around are:

· Find new and greater income through new methods and channels for the sale of spare and wear parts

· Improve the margin on aftermarket sales, through more efficient and better methods and channels

· Protect and strengthen your brand by creating control over which spare and wear parts are installed in the product In this webinar, we have with us EdiLog’s founder and CEO Kjell-Arne Engberg and will talk about why Edilog chose to digitize its aftermarket sales early.

We will gain insight into the effects EdiLog sees itself having with an aftermarket portal and how it can shorten lead times both externally and internally. This will be a webinar where we look at the importance and value of being at the forefront when it comes to digitization and why aftermarket and is a part that is often forgotten despite the results aftermarket can create.

The webinar will also provide an insight into the solution EdiLog has chosen to put in place to help manage its aftermarket.

Do you have an aftermarket store today where you sell spare parts and wearing parts, for example? Then this is a webinar for your business. Pump, car, boat, caravan, truck, harvester, harrow, welder, freezer, laser, lawn mower, stone crusher or other product – does not matter.

If there is an aftermarket that includes spare parts and wearing parts, there is also a need to look at how the revenue streams can be greater, the margin higher and how the handling of this in the right way is central to how your product and brand are perceived. Today you may work with this by phone, e-mail and / or to some extent over your web.

In any case, it is probably right to listen to Kjell-Arne from EdiLog.

What do I gain insight into:

– Create a better understanding of Edilog and other businesses chosen to invest in this early.

– Gain a better understanding of e-commerce / e-commerce in industry.

– Get to know more about what market trends we see and what other businesses are experiencing now.

– Get an understanding of how this can help companies during the Corona crisis.

– See how Edilog has done as chosen to be at the forefront.

Participants are:

Kjell-Arne Engberg, EDILOG CEO

Alexander Patz, PDSVISION AB Managing Director

Theodor Wall, PDSVISION Aftermarket Business Manager

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