Product Development using 3D CAD Design

Enterprise Visualization

Enterprise Visualization

Best-in-class companies support the use of visualization for both cross-functional collaboration and communication.

But making decisions can be hard and making the right decision can be even harder. Inaccurate or late decisions based on inadequate information can lead to costly delays, as well as excess scrap and quality problems.

In this Introductory webinar, we will show you how product visualization can help the enterprise make the right decisions. We will demonstrate how the PTC Windchill environment can be used for visualization to the benefit of Designers, IT Managers and Engineers alike.

Finally we will explore how using the rich data that has been created in 3D CAD, to visualize the product helps the enterprise to validate and review designs.  This will result in lower product development costs, a streamlined design process plus a reduction of rework and scrap.

What will you gain from attending:

The webinar will show you how a visualization solution can –

  • Visualize product data across the enterprise
  • Validate products before production
  • Review product information to incorporate stakeholder input

Webinar Host: Mikael Johansson, Solution Architect

Mikael is an established technical expert having gained over 15 Years’ experience within PLM, today providing specialist guidance for PDSVISION customers for over 8 years.

Event Archived

Event Archived

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