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Future of the Aftermarket – Adapting to New Threats and Demands

Future of the Aftermarket – Adapting to New Threats and Demands

Signifikant Svenska, along with PDSVISION, invites you to the second session of their webinar series on the Future of the Aftermarket.


Signifikant – Efficient aftermarket solutions made easy

A host of technological and business model trends are expected to disrupt the aftermarket industry over the next 3 to 5 years. New business models and technologies are changing the competitive landscape while at the same time, new players are entering the market and leveraging ecommerce to compete with established manufacturers.

Register for the webinar and join Ruud De Bruijckere, head of product development at Signifikant, in a conversation on how an integrated solution can empower organizations to effectively use “good data” to sell more and service better. During the 60 minute webinar, gain a better understanding of why organizations need to invest in an aftermarket PIM, how to overcome the threat of Amazon /the grey market and the need to enable Technical Information Managers to publish the right aftermarket information to multiple channels.

Key Benefits of attending this session:

  • Gain insight into the new threats within the aftermarket
  • Embark upon digital transformation for your spare parts line of business – Using your information advantage when competing in the aftermarket
  • Strategically build up your aftermarket data as a PIM to be able to work with rich content

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Event: Webinar
Date and Time: 12 Sep at 13.00 pm (CET)
Language: English

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