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Improve workforce efficiency, quality, and traceability with AR – Technical Session

Improve workforce efficiency, quality, and traceability with AR – Technical Session

Online | Wednesday | 29th September 2021 | 9 AM CEST | 45 minutes | English

Did you know you can use Augmented Reality to improve workforce efficiency, quality, and traceability?

With the help of Augmented Reality (AR) and Vuforia Work Instructions, you can optimize the capturing, authoring, and execution of digital work instructions! You can use it to analyze procedure-level and step-level execution data to continuously improve fieldwork and related assets.

Join our AR-expert Pontus Blomberg in this more technical and “hands-on” webinar talking about:

    • expert knowledge capture
    • authoring digital work instructions
    • relevant information delivery to the frontline workers
    • speeding up knowledge transfer
    • modernizing training methods
    • decreasing the skills gap
    • and of course: improving customer experiences!


Who is this webinar for?
This webinar is for people looking to digitize the process of:

  • Capturing tribal knowledge (tacit knowledge)
  • Authoring and executing relevant digital work instructions
  • Analyzing frontline work based on gathered procedure-level and step-level execution data

Below is a list of commonly seen high-priority Industrial use cases supported by Vuforia Work Instructions. Suppose you can identify your digital incentives or business challenges in any or several of these, please join in:

EngineeringManufacturingCustomer ServiceCustomer Operations
Inspection Training & UpskillingIn-Line or End-of-Line InspectionField Maintenance InspectionDealership or Pre-Delivery Inspection
Job Specific Operator & Situational TrainingMaintenance, Set-up & Changeover InstructionsField Maintenance & Service InstructionsCustomer Self: Operation, Maintenance, and Training
Assembly & Operator Work InstructionsInstallation & Commissioning Instructions
Incoming Parts Inspection


What value will you gain from attending?
This technical live demo will walk you through all components in Vuforia Work Instructions and the process of planning, capturing, authoring, executing, and analyzing gathered data.

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Hosts: Pontus Blomberg, Manager Business Development, Industrial AR – PDSVISION

Pontus has close to 20 years of experience in the industrial AR/VR/3D space, including successfully launching a range of solutions and related services within both CAD & Augmented Reality