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Increase profitability with aftermarket platform Signifikant

Increase profitability with aftermarket platform Signifikant

Online | Thursday | 5th of May 2022 | 9 AM CET | 45 minutes | English

Aftermarket is a crucial part that can impact the bottom line for organizations profitability. To achieve success within aftermarket it is important to have a platform that makes access to spare and wear parts user-friendly and a satisfying experience that secures customer loyalty to your products. Furthermore, the process of adding and maintaining the information and data in the Aftermarket platform should be effective.

Signifikant is a chosen partner of PDSVISION who makes this possible. Their product offering enables companies to present a confident and trustworthy platform for their spare and wear parts.

In this webinar with Martin Toreskog, SLM and Aftermarket expert at PDSVISION, and Ruud Bruijckere, VP of Product Development at Signifikant, joins up to discuss, demonstrate, and present the value you can generate from a robust and user-friendly aftermarket solution.


Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for people working within the aftermarket segment. Example:

  • Aftermarket Managers and teams
  • People working with spare and wear parts catalogs
  • People interested in generating value from aftermarket solutions


What value will you gain from attending?

The web-based aftermarket platform Signifikant can be used to share information defined and managed in PLM, ERP, or Signifikant manager. Martin and Ruud will show just how easy and effective the user interface is and showcase real-life customer experiences.

By attending this webinar, you will gain knowledge of:

  • How PLM relates to aftermarket and how it is possible to generate value to the organization with the same foundation of data.
  • How to build and maintain an aftermarket portal that can provide customers, re-sellers, service providers and internal staff with up-to-date spare part information, documentation, and more
  • How to generate speed through the development process, keep costs down, and effectively orchestrate data, resources as well as processes to drive quality
  • How to get started with Signifikant


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Martin Toreskog, Customer Success Manager and SLM Expert – PDSVISION

Martin Toreskog is one of our Aftermarket SMEs at PDSVISION and has over 10 years of experience in working with PLM and SLM.

Ruud de Bruijckere, VP of Product Development – Signifkant

Ruud De Bruijckere has more than 25 years of experience in real-time expert systems, predictive maintenance, and aftermarket information management systems. Ruud is responsible for Signifikant’s research projects around circular economy and sustainable development.

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Event Archived

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