Product Development using 3D CAD Design

Integrating Electronics Design into the Digital Thread

Integrating Electronics Design into the Digital Thread

Online | Thursday | 24th March 2022 | 9 AM CET | 45 minutes | English

Creating a digital representation of a product is more important than ever.

Today, even the simplest of products have electronics embedded in them. The more complex the product is, the more electronic components and assemblies are in it.

This webinar is the first in a series where PDSVISION talks about connecting ECAD design with PLM and the rest of the enterprise.

What value will you gain from attending? 

After attending this webinar, you can articulate the value of connected ECAD design for your company and what downstream benefits there are. You will also hear briefly about technologies that enable the connection.


  • What challenges industrial companies face in electronic design development
  • What benefits connecting electronics to the digital thread bring
  • How electronics design can be incorporated into the digital thread
  • What building blocks are necessary for an excellent digital definition

Who is this webinar for? 

This webinar is for electronics designers, product compliance and quality responsible persons, and development managers and directors—anyone responsible for full product definition.


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