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Mathcad Webinars

Mathcad Webinars

Mathcad Webinar

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Every month we run FREE webinars for Mathcad users with different themes each week. From introduction level to advanced super user, we cover a range of product updates and user related subjects designed to further develop and enhance your skills in Mathcad.

The webinars will highlight user tips and tricks and that speed up your workflows.

Although some webinars are more focused on experienced Mathcad users, there are always plenty of tips and guidance beneficial for beginners as well.

About Our Webinars

Language: SWEDISH
Duration: 45 min
Audience: New/Experienced user depending on topic – See information for details.

All webinars are of course free!

Introduction to Mathcad Prime 8

In March 2022, a new and improved version of Mathcad was released – Mathcad Prime 8. Are you curious to see what new functionality there is and how it benefits you in your daily work with Mathcad? Join this webinar for both beginners and experienced Mathcad Prime users with a focus on the new features and improvements in Mathcad Prime 8:

  • Application updates
  • Symbolic engine enhancements
  • Numeric engine enhancements
  • Usability enhancements
  • and more…

Join the What’s New in Mathcad Prime 8 webinar for a 30-minute overview of the new features and functions of Mathcad Prime 8.

Tips & Tricks in Mathcad Prime 8

Get the most out of your work with Mathcad Prime 8. Our Mathcad expert will show you some helpful hands-on tips and tricks that will speed up your workflow in Mathcad Prime, and show you how to avoid some common mistakes. Although this webinar is more focused for those who are experienced Mathcad users, there are plenty of tips for beginners as well.

Migration from Mathcad 15 to Mathcad Prime 8

Are you ready for the leap from Mathcad 15 to Mathcad Prime 8, but are unsure of how to do it? Look no further! In this webinar, you will get some pointers on how to easily convert Mathcad 15 worksheets to the Mathcad Prime 8 format with a few simple steps. This webinar is for experienced Mathcad users moving from Mathcad 15 to Mathcad Prime 8.

Our webinars are focused on helping and providing useful tips for both experienced Mathcad users and beginners alike.

Learn more about Mathcad Prime – Here

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Webinar Mathcad

Webinar Mathcad