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Product family management in Windchill!

Product family management in Windchill!

Structure and create variant specifications without going through the usual configuration process!

Online | Thursday, December 8 | 9 AM CEST | 45 minutes | English

Options and Variants in Windchill allows you to define a list of fixed options and choices, to describe discrete configurations within a product family. With the Product Family capability, it is possible to structure and create variant specifications without having to go through the usual configuration process. It also gives the possibility to manually select modules for variants, giving the possibility for multi specific variants.

We will demonstrate the Product Family capability in Windchill and how you organize different models and variants of your product in a structured way. The demonstration will also show how you can plan, compare, and try out different configurations that do not exist yet.

What value does it bring?

In this webinar you will see how to:

  • Create a product family structure
  • Create managed variant specifications
  • Manually selecting modules for a variant, overriding the Option Filter

And after this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Manage your product offering, product family
  • How to do this when you need to consider diversity and product complexity

Who is it for?

Design engineers, Product owners, Manufacturing Engineers, Aftermarket Engineers working with products that has a broad range of variability.

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Hosting – Anders Kullenberg

Anders is a PLM Consultant at PDSVISON and has worked with CAD and PLM for over 20 years. He has been involved in many different PLM implementations during these years for customers with high level of variants in their product offering.