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PTC Creo 8 – The Deep Dive PT1

PTC Creo 8 – The Deep Dive PT1

Online | Thursday | 20th May 2021 | 9 AM CET | 45 minutes | English

PTC Creo 8 recently arrived packed with new and improved features to help aid your design process.

Join PDSVISION CAD Specialist Mikko Hinkkanen as our webinar series exploring some of the standout enhancements to PTC Creo continues, with a closer look at the the following key areas:

  • Core modeling
  • Multibody
  • Sheetmetal
  • Welding
  • Inseparable assembly

Who is this webinar for?

New and experienced Creo and CAD Users as well as team Admins, section leaders and Managers.

What value will you gain from attending?

  • A detailed understanding of the key enhancements to PTC Creo 8.0
  • Enhanced understanding of how key features can benefit your current design process.

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The webinar is part of our ongoing series into the key updates and enhancements more in-depth information and demonstration on the new features within:

Mikko Hinkkanen, Customer Success – PDSVISION

Mikko Hinkkanen is a Senior CAD Master with over 20 years of experience in simulations, analysis, and product design optimization.