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PTC #NordicTalks – AR Automation through PLM for Sales, Marketing and Training

PTC #NordicTalks – AR Automation through PLM for Sales, Marketing and Training

Online Session | Friday | 28th January 2022 | 12 PM CET | 45 minutes | English

As part of digital transformation roadmaps, industrial companies explore enterprise visualization to enhance business-critical processes. They explore harnessing 3D CAD data for educating customers and workers, enabling collaboration in entirely new ways based on visual rather than verbal and textual aspects. Augmented Reality is often explored in these endeavors, lacking an understanding of how the technology would support the users and the business long term.

But organizations that have pursued digital transformation confront new challenges. They discover gaps with dispersed unconnected systems and heavy datasets unsuitable for mobility and not optimized, suitable or secure to distribute.

The users, or data consumers, have different needs. There is an increasing demand for personalized content and experiences. There is a need to move from creating to generating for the data owners!

Tune in for the NordicTalks session to hear PDSVISION’s AR expert Pontus Blomberg on Friday, January 28th at 12 PM CET to learn more!

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Speaker: PDSVISION’s AR Expert – Pontus Blomberg.

Pontus has close to 20 years of experience in the industrial AR/VR/3D space, including successfully launching a range of solutions and related services within both CAD & Augmented Reality.

Pontus is currently responsible for Heading up the AR Business within PDSVISION Group


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Event Archived

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