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The benefits of a PDM system and Digitalization

The benefits of a PDM system and Digitalization

Tuesday 23rd March 2021 : 09:00 AM. (CET) : 30 minutes : English

For any product development company, a Product Data Management system is essential in any successful digital transformation journey.

It forms the foundations for all continued digital information projects, regardless of their size. It also brings a great deal of value in itself.

This webinar focuses on the undoubted benefits it brings of implementing a PDM system in your organization and how it acts as a first tremendous and logical step in your digital transformation journey.

Join Nils Persson, Customer Success Manager PDSVISION for a webinar focus on the undoubted benefits of implementing a PDM system into your organization. The webinar will also explain and demonstrate why a PDM system could be the first logical step into your digital transformation journey.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is of interest to companies that are not using any support system for their R&D data. Who also can admit that they spend to much time on maintaining and distributing their data.

Time that could be of better spent on more value adding activities.

This is an introductory webinar to PDM and the PTC Windchill environment. If you are already working with Windchill, the majority of this webinar is most likely things you already are quite familiar with. In that case, you are probably more interested in any of our more in-depth Windchill webinars.

Why participate, what value will you gain? 

  • Learn how PDM brings accessibility to relevant and accurate data for your whole organization
  • Learn how PDM can ensure quality for your data, products, and services
  • Learn how PDM can automate time-consuming, non-value-adding tasks
  • Learn how PDM is the perfect first step in your digitalization journey

Nils Persson, Customer Success Manager – PDSVISION

With over ten years experience within product development, CAD and PLM, Nils has gained direct experience and knowledge of the solutions available to overcome the challenges our customers face. In his current role as a Customer Success Manager, he helps our valued clients by extracting the most out of their solutions provided by us at PDSVISION.

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