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Material Selection and Modeling of a Bio Stent

October 19, 2022 | 5 PM CEST

Around 92 million people in the USA alone are affected by cardiovascular diseases every year. Coronary artery stents have been one of the most revolutionary medical devices to significantly improve life expectancies while being mostly non-invasive medical procedures, reducing patient recovery time and costs.

Traditionally, stents are comprised of metal alloys such as stainless steel and cobalt-chromium. However, there is a need to develop customized stents with better design, performance, and novel materials, depending on the medical issue. Customized stents are possible with a robust design optimization workflow where material selection and modeling come into play. These concepts are included in the instruction, where students learn how to make requirement-based critical materials choices in design projects and weigh choices over various constraints like production, design restrictions, and interaction with other materials in the environment.

What you will learn:

  • How students can use the Materials Selection Methodology developed by Professor Mike Ashby to identify the best material candidates for a stent
  • What computer-aided design model of a stent can be used to generate realistic simulation results
  • How to test the different material candidates to determine the best choice, using Ansys tools

Who should attend:

  • Academics and educators teaching or interested in engineering topics; materials selection, medical devices, bioengineering, mechanical engineering, product design, computer-aided design, FEA simulation be sure to register for this upcoming webinar on material selection and modeling for bio stents.

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HFSS 3D Layout Webinar Series – On Demand

Do you work with PCBs, IC Packages, ICs, Filters or Antennas? How are you solving the critical Electromagnetic issues in your circuit today? You cannot miss out on using Ansys HFSS on your complex layout geometries. Import your layout geometry from any PCB tool into HFSS easily.

There is no PCB, Package, IC complexity that HFSS 3D Layout cannot solve

This webinar series shows you how the HFSS adaptive meshing technology handles massive PCB layout geometries and gives you the most accurate results using real customer examples. It also covers the use of HPC with HFSS to drastically reduce your simulation times. Do not miss out on using the many fantastic capabilities shown in the webinar series, upgrade to the latest version of HFSS!

➡️ WEBINAR | Using Azure Cloud to Rapidly Simulate Layout Designs in HFSS
➡️ WEBINAR | True System Design with HFSS 3D Layout
➡️ WEBINAR | Using HFSS to Optimize your Complex PCB Layout


Electromagnetics Foundation Webinar Series – On Demand

This 5-part webinar series describes Ansys Electromagnetic Simulation technology in detail and discusses the 30 year history of Computational Electromagnetics and its incorporation into Ansys EM solver technology. Users of Ansys EM tools & solvers will gain a more profound understanding of how Ansys EM simulation technology functions ‘under the hood.’

This unique series will be presented by senior technologists at Ansys – Directors, research Fellows and principal developers of the Ansys computational electromagnetics products.

➡️ WEBINAR | Foundations of Semiconductor Power Integrity Analysis and Simulation
➡️ WEBINAR | Foundations of Computational Electromagnetics
➡️ WEBINAR | An Overview of the Foundations of Ansys HFSS and Ansys Maxwell Solver Technologies
➡️ WEBINAR | The Foundation of Domain Decomposition Technologies in Ansys HFSS
➡️ WEBINAR | Foundations of Ray Tracing Methods in Electromagnetics
➡️ WEBINAR | The Foundation of Computational Optics and Photonics
➡️ WEBINAR | The Foundations of the Ansys RaptorX Silicon-optimized Electromagnetic Solver


Lightweighting Webinar Series – On Demand

A&D companies are challenged by rising operating costs and more stringent environmental commitments. Employing engineering simulation is the only way to effectively address these issues and accelerate critical digital transformation efforts.

Ansys offers the broadest set of engineering simulation capabilities, which can be deployed pervasively from ideation through manufacturing and operation. No matter your need — engine design, thermal and fatigue analysis or additive manufacturing — we have the solution. Our simulations empower you to create more fuel-efficient products that comply with environmental standards, utilize innovative propulsion systems and achieve reductions in weight and drag.

This webinar series focuses on our lightweighting capabilities, which will help solve your toughest A&D engineering problems.

➡️ WEBINAR | Ansys Composite Cure Simulation
➡️ WEBINAR | Topology Optimization
➡️ WEBINAR | Making Your Lightweight Designs a Reality with Additive Manufacturing
➡️ WEBINAR | Materials Selection for Lightweighting


Discovery for Designers – On Demand Webinar Series

In this series of webinars, we will introduce you to the many facets and features of Ansys Discovery — the first and only interactive, real-time simulation solution on the market. Join us to explore how Discovery can be used for generative design and topology; for applications other than fluids, such as thermal and structural challenges; and for upfront rapid design exploration to minimize the number of physical prototypes and save you time and money.

Who should attend?

  • Designers and design engineers working in the modeling environment doing conceptual or detailed design
  • Engineering teams who lack simulation expertise, or who are outsourcing simulation to obtain quick iteration results
  • Mechanical engineers or product development managers looking to explore fast iterations to provide an analyst with a narrow range of designs

Access and read more about the On Demand webinars by clicking the links below:

➡️ WEBINAR | CFD Is Not Just for Experts
➡️ WEBINAR |  Generative Design and Topology Optimization Come Together in Ansys Discovery
➡️ WEBINAR |  How Upfront Rapid Design Exploration Minimizes Prototyping


Solving Design Challenges with Ansys Discovery and Fluent – On Demand Webinar Series

This webinar series explores how you can leverage Ansys Discovery’s real-time physics simulation and harness the power of Ansys Fluent inside Discovery to determine if your “best design” holds true to your performance goals. Ansys shows how engineering analysis can help optimize the design and operation of ventilation systems for the transportation industry. Furthermore, they highlight how Discovery combines interactive real-time simulation with Ansys flagship technology in one single, user-friendly interface.

Access and read more about the On Demand webinars by clicking the links below:

➡️ WEBINAR | Optimizing Transportation Ventilation System Design
➡️ WEBINAR | 3 Steps for Optimizing Automotive Performance with Liquid Cooling
➡️ WEBINAR | Increasing Electronics Reliability with Liquid Cooling


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