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The new and improved Signifikant 5.0

The new and improved Signifikant 5.0

Monday June 1st 2020 | 10:00 AM (CET) | English

The new and improved Signifikant 5.0


Now more than ever, it is as important to provide relevant buyer-specific information to help customers find the right product. The expectations that users bring with them from their B2C shopping experiences must be met. The latest version of the robust aftermarket platform has been improved to cater to this new buyer expectations, tailored for the needs of the aftermarket.

The new release includes an improved user interface, personal­ization functionalities for eCommerce support and many new integrations and plug-ins to import and export systems.

With this version, it is now much easier for editors to publish catalogues while at the same time, enabling businesses to sell parts through a modern, almost B2C-like web store.

Why participate:

For new Users/Prospects:

  • Transform your spare parts business to the digital era with Signifikant’s platform for all your aftermarket needs
  • Strategically build up your aftermarket data as a PIM to be able to work with rich content
  • Ensure your B2B users have a familiar online experience when buying parts and accessories

For Existing Customers/Product Users:

  • Learn how the new features and improvements can further improve your parts management
  • Get detailed information on the  highlights of this release including personalization, new APIs, impact of a new database and more.


Ruud de Bruijckere, Head of Product Development, Signifikant


Ruud de Bruijckere, VP Product Development at Signifikant Svenska AB has more than 25 years experience within the areas of real-time expert systems, predictive maintenance and aftermarket information management systems. As the development leader at Signifikant, Ruud and his team are responsible for ensuring the Signifikant platform is 100% aligned to the needs of the aftermarket.