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Keep the wheels turning with Vuforia Chalk

Keep the wheels turning with Vuforia Chalk

Wednesday May 6th 2020 | 09.00 AM (CET) | 45 min | English| Registration

Vuforia Chalk The need to source, adopt and to adapt to new collaborative solutions has recently become a priority for all sectors of global commerce and industry in order just to function.

But how do you keep things moving whilst combining the need to effectively manage your teams, who are often based remotely  and still achieve this?

In this special webinar hosted by our own Augmented Reality expert Pontus Blomberg, we provide an introduction to PTC Vuforia Chalk.

Developed to bring together your teams, your experts and your customers with the ability to communicate and collaborate simply. Pontus will demonstrate that by utilising its ability for simple collaboration, without complex training or learning curves, Vuforia Chalk can help you overcome daily challenges. Faster, more effectively and ultimately more cost efficiently.

He will also guide you through the simple steps required to utilise Vuforia Chalk, in full, as it is available free until at least June 30th as part of PTC’s No Obligation Trial Offer.

To complete this short introduction, he will also provide an insight on how your organisation can utilise and get started with “Remote Assistance”.

Who is it this webinar for? 

  • New and experienced users of AR collaboration tools alike.

What benefit will I gain attending? 

  • The confidence to utilise AR as an effective Team Collaboration Tool.
  • The ability to install and set up Vuforia Chalk without its own challenges.

Presenter: Pontus Blomberg.

Pontus is a dedicated AR expert with close to 20 years of experience in the industrial AR/VR/3D space. After successfully launching a range of solutions related services within both CAD & Augmented Reality, he recently joined PDSVISION Group to become Manager Of Business Development – AR.


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