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What are the values of PDSVISION APPLICATIONS?

What are the values of PDSVISION APPLICATIONS?

PDSVISION has been a platinum PTC partner for over a decade. During this time, we have gained a deep insight into our customer’s needs and requirements when it comes to PLM and the best PLM solution on the market, Windchill. At times we find areas where we can enhance the productivity, the quality, the efficiency for our customers but not seeing the support in existing software – we then developed our own solutions.

We call them PDSVISION Applications. In this webinar we will introduce our most popular applications available for Windchill PDMLink.

PDSVISION Search – Quickly search, compile and export data from Windchill from a simple, intuitive user interface.

PDSVISION QA – Help ensure that the data meet the standards and requirements set by your company by guiding the user in the process of creating and maintaining accurate data.

PDSVISION Custom Workers – Automatic conversion between file types. To convert a file into a neutral file format makes the information it carries more natural to consume for more people within the enterprise.

Who is it for:

This webinar is for all enterprises using Windchill PDMLink that is looking for ways to increase the quality of data transferred to a downstream system like ERP and downstream departments like purchasing and manufacturing. For enterprises looking for robust conversion solutions for Windchill PDMLink and/or ways to enable Windchill PDMLink to more departments within your organisation.

A prerequisite for all apps presented is a 10.x or 11.x version of Windchill PDMLink.

Why participate:

  • Ensure the quality of the data that is sent to your ERP system from Windchill
  • Lower the time it takes for your purchasing department to compile the right documentation for ordering
  • Increase the availability of the data stored in Windchill PDMLink to the enterprise


Nils Persson, PDSVISION Customer Success Manager


With roots in product development and years of experience in the CAD and PLM business, Nils has gained a broad knowledge about the challenges of product development and the available solutions at hand.

In his role as a Customer Success Manager, he is working for customers to get the most out of their engagement with PDSVISION.

  • Date and time: 26th February 09.00 a.m. CET
  • Duration: 45 min
  • Location: Online
  • Language: English


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Event Archived

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