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    KEYVR For Designers

KeyVR - View your scene in virtual reality

KeyVR eliminates complex setup and preparations - So you can quickly and smoothly transport yourself into the scene with the click of a button!

Built for designers

KeyVR is unlike any other VR software. It doesn’t require any convoluted development or programming.

With one click you can experience your design, materials, environment, or animations as if they are in front of you, around you, or in your hands.

KeyVR - Featured Highlights
Faster Design Insights

KeyVR puts you right into the scene and allows you, your team, and your customers to evaluate different materials under different lighting conditions.

KeyVR's lack of technical needs combined with Keyshot 9 makes it the perfect design tool for designers of all abilities and experience.

It provides faster design insight, eliminating costly mistakes, and even costlier manufacturing delays.

VR was a challenge – KeyVR made it easy.

One-Click Solution for Interactive VR Experiences KeyVR is simple. With one-click, go from KeyShot to KeyVR to explore your scene, or open a KeyShot .bip or .ksp file directly in KeyVR.

  • Prepare your scene - Import your model into KeyShot. Add any materials, environments, or animations you like and save your scene.
  • Start KeyVR - Press the KeyVR button on the KeyShot toolbar (version 8 and above) or launch KeyVR and open the scene directly.
  • Experience - View your 3D model in an interactive environment, change materials, choose lighting, and make design decisions faster.

Why use VR?

Virtual reality has gone beyond novelty. Companies around the world are using it to evaluate designs and bring products to market faster.

The learning curve, development needs, and hardware requirements are still a barrier to many. Luxion set out to break that down, providing a one-click interactive VR experience, that is fast, easy, powerful and requires zero coding.

Currently, KeyVR supports Oculus Rift (with Oculus Desktop) and HTC Vive, Varjo VR or any Windows Mixed Reality (with SteamVR).


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