Deduct Software AB Acquires SIMONSOFTCMS from PDSVision

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Deduct Software AB Acquires SIMONSOFTCMS from PDSVision

March 2019

PDSVision is continually striving to assist our customers with the best solutions for technical documentation. Therefore, after careful consideration, PDSVision has agreed to allow its SIMONSOFTCMS division to be acquired by Deduct Software AB today.

This done to further strengthen SIMONSOFTCMS technical services and product positioning, whilst ensuring constant development within the company to meet customers needs.

Deduct Software AB is led by the highly experienced Thomas Åkesson and Jonas Härdner, and both will oversee the continued growth of SIMONSOFTCMS. We at PDSVision will continue to work with SIMONSOFTCMS as resellers of the division’s technical solutions.

All existing agreements and operations will not be affected by this acquisition. Customer Support continues to be provided uninterrupted via PDSVisions support organizations.

PDS Vision Group have for some time been involved in a range of different CAE solutions, but with ANSYS the group is able to expand and offer a complete solution set featuring best-in-class simulation tools.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, you are welcome to contact us.

Best regards

Otto Wetterlin, Managing
Director, PDSVision AB

For further information, please contact:
Otto Wetterlin, MD, PDSVision AB, [email protected], +46 766365551
Jonas Härdner, MD, Deduct Software AB, [email protected], +46706831572

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