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Ambulansproduktion and PDSVISION continue their joint journey!

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Ambulansproduktion and PDSVISION continue their joint journey!

Ambulansproduktion develops the markets most innovative and robust ambulances. These ambulances create safety for staff and patients; among other things, the emergency and intensive care work can be initiated and performed already within the vehicle.

To ensure that their fleet of ambulances is continuously evolving, Ambulansproduktion maintains a close dialogue with ambulance staff, station staff and operations managers. Modern technology and new smart solutions help Ambulansproduktion stay at the forefront when it comes to the working environment and safety.

The collaboration with PDSVISION continues. It is one piece of the puzzle to help Ambulansproduktion stay in the forefront and improve their products and solutions. The CAD tool PTC Creo and lifecycle management solution PTC Windchill contribute to effective design work and structured product data, providing quality, innovation and also happiness. Working with Ambulansproduktion is something we at PDSVISION do value a lot and we are looking forward to continuing this joint journey resulting in "state of the art" ambulances that make the job safer and easier for medical staff and increase the chance of successful and good treatment for the patient.