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Experts in product and packaging design company Noun chooses KeyShot and PDSVISION

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Experts in product and packaging design company Noun chooses KeyShot and PDSVISION

Noun is a design studio based in Stockholm, Sweden, that specializes in product and packaging design. Noun helps their clients from idea to finished product and provides expert consulting within these fields along the way. The success of Noun comes from their deep knowledge in areas such as sustainability, choice of materials, production, transportation, and recycling, and their clients vary from small businesses to giants like Stockholm's Municipality.

A key part of Noun's work is to communicate ideas visually, which is why they have chosen KeyShot as their primary choice of software for 3D rendering and animation. With KeyShot, Noun will be able to produce professional visualizations of their ideas, both for their customers and marketing purposes.

Noun chooses PDSVISION as a software provider to access the PDSVISION gold star support team and their knowledge in KeyShot, whenever needed. Furthermore, they ensure that they always have access to the latest version of KeyShot with the PDSVISION maintenance deal.

We at PDSVISION look forward to helping Noun continue to create sustainable packaging and add a flare of excellence in their visualizations.

Noun-designed bench Signum produced by Nordic Parks

To read more about Noun, visit their website here.

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