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    Meet PTC’s Partner – PDSVISION

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Meet PTC’s Partner – PDSVISION

How would the solutions developed by the giants of the software industry work in the real-world,  if they were not supported by an extensive network of re-sellers, service providers and Value-Added Resellers (VARs)? 

"Why VARs Can Be the Difference Between a PLM Success or Fiasco: Meet PTC's Partner PDSVISION" - Is a special TV Report published via, focusing on why VARS like PDSVISION are an essential part of PTC's current and future success within the fields of PLM, CAD, Augmented Reality & Aftermarket solutions.

Hear direct from PDSVISION CEO Johan Klingvall (Pictured) as he discusses why PDSVISION is set to become the leading VAR in the Northern Hemisphere, and from PTC's Jim Hempleman as he elaborates on the dynamics and importance of VARS, like us at PDSVISION, within the industry and our essential role in providing direct hands on solutions and services to PTC global customer base.

To read this interesting perspective simply visit the article HERE!