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OnDosis chooses PDSVISION on their journey into improving healthcare

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OnDosis chooses PDSVISION on their journey into improving healthcare

OnDosis develops products used for flexible and individualized dosing of oral medicines for diseases with a significant burden on patients and healthcare, such as ADHD, pain management, epilepsy, and immunosuppression for organ transplants. Hundreds of thousands of patients with these conditions could be helped by improved dosing and dosing that fits the individual, ultimately improving the health care outcomes.

Improving a patient’s health starts with product development. The complex products, containing both mechanical and electrical parts, set high requirements for the CAD tool used in the product development, which is why OnDosis have chosen Creo Parametric. The tool provides the high level of accuracy needed and is a great tool for creating, analyzing, viewing, and sharing designs.

For OnDosis, PDSVISION was a given as the choice of supplier of Creo Parametric. Based on previous experience, the people at PDSVISION are easy to do business with, are flexible, and provide the support needed to succeed. At PDSVISION, we are delighted and humbled to be a part of the OnDosis journey in improving healthcare.

Fore more information on how OnDosis make products to improve a patient’s health visit their website here.

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