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    PDSVISION to further embrace PLM for the Enterprise in 2020

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PDSVISION to further embrace PLM for the Enterprise in 2020

PLM for the Enterprise has been a core service for PDSVISION as it grows into a global provider of solutions and services within the sector. Now we can confirm that together with our partner PTC, PLM will be an even more central pillar to our ongoing vision of helping companies achieve Digital Transformation in 2020 and beyond.

After the successful launch of the PTC PLM Program recently at PTC Headquarters in Boston, PDSVISION announced two new initiatives  to compliment the upcoming PDSFORUM, itself an essential part of the PLM industry calendar and to kick-start our Enterprise focused initiatives.

PLM for the Enterprise "Digital" will be special series of digital based promotions running in partnership with "PLM for The Enterprise" Stockholm a live event for customers across North Europe.  The role out of the initiatives is scheduled for spring 2020 and will form part of a group wide focus on PLM for the Enterprise, that started with the PTC launch event.

Although PDSVISION has an established reputation for skills and expertise delivering PLM solutions across Northern Europe and North America, to be invited to join the launch of the PLM for the Enterprise incentive as a key partner is an honour & confirmation of our role to play in making it a success.

It also allowed us to confirm our growing presence on the Global PLM stage, which started with US partner Boundary Systems joining the PDSVISION family in 2019.

PDSVISION Divisional Directors Otto Wetterlin and Matthias Pfeifer together with PDVSION AB's Aleksander Cholakov, joined a range of industry figures and PTC's executive team including Kevin Wrenn and Mike DiTullio.

The event also included a talk by Onshape founder Jon Hirschtick, on how it became the industry’s first pure SaaS platform that unites robust CAD with powerful data management and collaboration tools. He went on to explain why his company chose to become part the PTC family amongst highly interested competitors, and how it aligns itself alongside PTC's the future vision of Digital Transformation.

The cornerstone of the event was a key-note speech by PTC CEO Jim Heppelmann, who shared PTC's vision focusing on how PTC and its partners can help guide companies through their digital transformation journey.

Part of this transformation centres on how PLM and digitisation resources worldwide will support this focus - from Product Management to industry best practices documentation, together with the essential element of onsite expertise -  delivered to the customer by organisations such as PDSVISION.

With a large part to play in supporting this vision and range of forthcoming PLM incentives, the PDSVISION team returned to Europe motivated and keen to begin a range of activities in 2020 to compliment its current PTC Creo (CAD), PTC Mathcad, PTC Windchill, IoT, AR, Aftermarket and SLM services portfolio.

Starting with the PDSFORUM2020 and now including the announced PLM for The Enterprise events and a range of upcoming webinars, PDSVISION will be central to supporting its customers in partnership with PTC during 2020 and beyond.

To us about how we can help you with your PLM needs, in your country contact us here. 

Jim Heppelmann image - PTC Inc