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    PDSVISION Group rebrands to reflect its global market.

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PDSVISION Group rebrands to reflect its global market.

Press Release:

PDSVISION is pleased to announce as part of our ongoing development from a Nordic focused organisation into a global leader of technical services and solutions, that we have updated, freshened and revised our company brands and logos, as well as renaming some familiar self-developed products and service packages.  

Moving forward the public name will be known as PDSVISION, with PDSVISION Group now reflecting the name of the overall parent company.

As part of our increasing market presence in countries such as the USA, we also took the opportunity to update our own in house developed solutions as our momentum continues.


We can also confirm the introduction of new bespoke services such as PDSVISION Star Support for example.

"This change is a positive step forward as we grow from a Nordic focused enterprise into global organisation with an increasingly diverse customer base. PDSVISION specialises in Digital Transformation, and we  felt the time was right for us to reflect our own transformation by re-positioning some key products and services to reflect our global customers needs" said  Group CEO Johan Klingvall

The group brands as follows


Software and Services

  • PDSVISION Applications
  • PDSVISION Search
  • PDSVISION Classification
  • PDSVISION Configurator
  • PDSVISION Utilities
  • PDSVISION Professional Services
  • PDSVISION Star Support

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