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    PDSVISION Group Statement: COVID-19 “Coronavirus”.

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PDSVISION Group Statement: COVID-19 “Coronavirus”.

Impact On Events and Customer Support.

“Due to the much published events around Coronavirus, today PDSVISION announces that across its European divisions, like many organisations it will be postponing all live events and related activities scheduled in the coming weeks ahead.
We can confirm that this includes:

  • PDSFORUM Finland 2020
  • PDSFORUM Sweden 2020
  • PDSVISION attendance at all trade shows (As Exhibitors, Guests and / or Speakers)

Our commitment to the well being of our customers, our staff, our valued partners and the general communities around us, have led us to this sensible decision during what all acknowledge are unique circumstances. In taking this decision today, we aim to limit the potential impact of the virus itself upon the community as a whole, acting responsibly, whilst also minimising disruption.

With the support of an understanding global team, who have demonstrated both responsibility and flexibility in their own approach, we have already instigated contingency plans that are enabling us to provide the levels of support and service our customers need, with minimal impact on day to day operations.

In the meantime, our levels of service will be maintained. Our webinars, presentations and web based activities will continue unaffected – We have already increased the number of virtually accessible training classes available and are exploring other practical web services we can offer to help our customers.

As the situation is fluid and at this time changing daily, PDSVISION Group will keep all updated when it is responsibly correct to do so, including any revised plans for our postponed activities.

Once again we apologise and thank you for your understanding.”

Johan Klingvall, CEO, PDSVISION Group